Competition success

Competition success

Christine’s comment:
Lupines and Iceland seem to belong together. Originally however, the lupines – or more exactly the Alaskan lupine – were introduced to Icleand in the 1940s in order to battle soil erosion. Nowadays they spread over large areas and form huge purple oceans that gently or more vividly sway in the wind. I came across this „ocean of lupines“ at the foot of Eyjafjallajökull, along the south coast of Iceland. A few years after the eruption the lupines had turned the lava remains into a field of endless beauty. When something’s destroyed there’s space for something new to arise, this can be sheer beauty.

Christine’s landscape shot of lupines in Iceland has been awarded and highlighted at the 2020 Bio Photo Contest in Italy!
Congratulations to all the other winners and make sure to check out the winner’s gallery at Bio Photo Contest.

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