Magic moments – Christine and the wolves

Magic moments – Christine and the wolves

Christine manged to get this magnificent image of a lone adult wolf!

As you may know, we are working on big predators now for many years. We have stalked brown bears from Trentino to Slovakia with a focus on Slovenia for many years. Back in 2016 we started to work on lynx in the high Alps here in Austria and also back in 2017 we were about to start to work on wolves in Austria.
However, with many obstacles in our way it turned out to be summer 2020 when we finally came close to our first wolves in Central Europe!

And what an adventure it was!
From June – basically right after the lock-down – until October we spent numerous hours (to be honest weeks in total) in our mobile hides and/or fully camouflaged waiting for wolves. And we can’t tell how rewarding it is to finally observe one or even more wolves close by!

For us, wolves are THE symbol of returning wilderness to Europe – a living symbol for the Rewilding of our continent. There are so many stories to tell that we postpone for now…
However, we want to share our excitement about our wolf encounters with a delicately picked selection of wolf images.

Christine’s most emotional picture of a wolf staring straight into her eyes. Imagine this once in a lifetime situation of a wild wolf standing as close as a few meters away and allowing for this portrait to be captured! Unbelievably cool!

Believe us when we claim this to be the result of some really hard work. It took so many hours of waiting with nothing to happen, days and even weeks in total without a single wolf encounter.
However, in the end moments like these shared with wildlife up-close in the wild heart of Europe is what keeps us going 🙂

There is no cooler place on earth than Central Europe…where wildlife and wilderness are on their comeback on one hand and rapidly declining on the other. Help us to help our nature and wildlife to thrive and become a fully respected part of our everyday’s life!

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