Sub-aquatic Austria

Sub-aquatic Austria

Recently, we’ve been working on the last bits and pieces of our upcoming book on „wild“ Europe. This time our focus was on water and underwater images that show the beauty of our last remaining wild stretches of rivers and creeks coming from the Alps.
In fact not much is left, unfortunately, with most rivers being damed or obstructed in other ways. However, somewhere hidden in remote valleys and in areas with lesser people and agriculture one can still find crystal clear waters full of life and simply „mind-blowing“ beauty.

These white-water rivers are beautiful to look at and the shades of blue and green can be compared to the Caribbean waters. However, when it comes to wildlife the lack of nutrients forces animals, big and small, to look for waters with more sources of food. The further downstream you look for wildlife the more species you can find.

Stay tuned for more informations on our upcoming book to come soon.

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