Vancouver Island

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Time really flies by. It’s already dating back to August this year that I’ve been to Vancouver Island. So it’s about time to share some impressions from my trip. Let’s pretend pictures mature just as wine does ­čÖé
Anyway, here are a few insights picture-wise from a time that left me deeply impressed. Vancouver Island / Western Canada, has so much natural beauty to share, whether it’s the masses of Chinook, Coho or Pink salmon running up the rivers, the black bears or grizzlies (well, not on Vancouver Island directly but in adjacent Inlets), the whales, the vast landscapes or – in particular – the gigantic trees. Western red cedar trees have not been named by chance „the tree of life“. Fortunately there are areas where they have been saved from the chainsaws and have grown to enormours sizes and diameters. Old trees, which are hundreds, even thousands of years old – I have seen specimen 1500 or even 2000 years in age – can literally be considered the guardians of your planet. They survive, we’ll survive.

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