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Weihnachtsgeschenk „Bärenbuch“

Unser Bärenbuch als Weihnachtsgeschenk im Bären-Paket mit Postkarte und kleinem Fotoposter.

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Newspaper article on Marc’s WPY awarded image

Newspaper article on Marc’s WPY awarded image Austria’s newspaper OÖNachrichten has published a short story on Marc’s success at this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year and our upcoming book and project „Wild heart of Europe“.

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Exciting new book project

Christine’s latest news: For about a year I’ve been fully focused and intensively working on one of the most elusive and charismatic European predators: The European wildcat!

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Indian summer à la Central Europe

Indian summer à la Central Europe October is by far the most colorful season in Central Europe. Especially the vast beech forests in Slovenia, central Austria and southern Germany become the Europen „mekka“ for Indian summer enthusiasts. We can fully understand 🙂

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„Among bears“ – contribution to Wilderness Week

Monday 19.10., 14:30 Christine will be giving an online talk about our bear project in the course of the very first International Wilderness Week!

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