Visual Storytelling

Photographic Assignments

When working on photographic assignments Christine and Marc aim at covering the topics from as many aspects as possible producing diverse photo-portfolios. They have a focus on wildlife, nature and species conservation topics. Producing pictures or picture series that tell „the whole story“ belong to their prime goals. Most of their projects run over a longer period, enabling them to literally „dive“ into different subjects and get the best from it. The stories they are working on are regularly published in magazines and newspapers. Up to now Christine and Marc have published more than 250 stories and articles, such as features in National Geographic Magazine and stories in BBC Wildlife Magazine, GEO, Terra Mater and other international outlets.
They consider their work as PR for nature. Their famous lynx image captured in November 2016 in the Austrian Alps has reached more than 1.6 million Austrians through media and TV.


Camera operation, directing & editing

Besides still photography Marc and Christine are experienced in handling professional filming gear. Since 2014 they have contributed and worked for big TV productions, filming for ORF, ARTE, NDR, ZDF and SERVUS TV. In 2022 they finished their first own blue-chip TV documentary about Slovenia. The both of them operated camera and were directing.

Currently they are working on upcoming TV documentaries. Furthermore, they produce shorts, image-films and trailers for diverse clients. From 2012 onwards they have produced several films and shorts for Austrian nationalparks (Kalkalpen, Thayatal, Gesäuse & Nationalparks Austria).

Different perspectives

Photo/Video-Trapping, Drones & Underwater

Over the past years Marc and Christine have spent countless hours on working with HIRES camera-trapping systems, producing HIRES/4K wideangle images and footage particularly of big predator species in Central Europe (Brown bear, Eurasian lynx) and in the USA (Florida panther). They were the first to produce high-res camera trapping images of brown bears in Central Europe. Check out their brown bear gallery to explore some of their camera-trapping results.
Their images have been awarded at some highly prestigious photography competitions such as the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award.

For many of their projects the both of them also employ underwater photography, portraying species and underwater landscapes in fresh and creative ways. Christine is also a certified diver.

Book publications

Content that matters

Marc and Christine have published three books so far. Their first one covers their longterm work with European brown bears and has been published through Frederking & Thaler. 
A more detailed view onto Central Europe’s last wilderness and its wild creatures has been published under the title „Das wilde Herz Europas“ through Knesebeck.
And in „Europas kleine Tiger“ Christine portrays charismatic European wildcats published by Residenz Verlag in Austria.

Magazine Publications

Feature articles and cover stories

So far Christine and Marc have produced more than 250 stories on nature topics, contributing images and/or texts, ranging from wildlife tourism to reintroductions of formerly exctinct species, from nature conservation ambitions to scientific findings, from their own wildlife adventures to species portrays.
Their stories have appeared e.g. in National Geographic Magazine, BBC Wildlife Magazine, GEO, Terra Mater, Servus Magazin, Terre Sauvage, Universum Magazin, Bell’Europa, NaturFoto and many others.

Live talks and exhibitions

A picture taken is not enough

Marc and Christine regularly get on stage and present their projects on a large screen. They take part as presenters on stage at international photography festivals such as MontPhoto Fest in Lloret de Mar,  „Naturfototage“ in Fürstenfeldbruck, Montier Fotofestival as well as Lowland Fotofestival and went on „EXPLORA“ tour in Switzerland in 2023. They regularly present at Austria’s biggest photo event – Photo+Adventure.
Presenting on stage plays a major role in their approach towards communicating certain topics such as big predators and nature conservation in the Alps. They also present their topics in schools, sharing their best pictures and telling their most exciting stories, in order to hopefully inspire the next generation.

In cooperation with Canon Austria and Technicomp Austria they also regularly exhibit their photographs in public. So far this cooperation resulted in several exhibitions, the highlight being a large format outdoor exhibition about brown bears that has since been touring different venues in Central Europe.

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