what we have published so far


In our opinion images come to life as soon as they are printed. Our images have been published in our books, as magazine (feature) articles, in cover stories as well as within the scope of exhibitions. Long live the printed image.


Print publications, books and exhibitions

So far we have produced more than 200 stories on nature topics, contributing images and/or texts, ranging from wildlife tourism to reintroductions of formerly exctinct species, from nature conservation ambitions to scientific findings, from our own wildlife adventures to species portrays.

Magazine cover stories
Outdoor exhibitions
Book publications

We work both on assignment and also independently on photo-stories.


National Geographic, Terra Mater, GEO, BBC Wildlife Mag, Terre Sauvage, Frederking & Thaler, Knesebeck, Residenz Verlag, P.M., 33% Waldmagazin, Be’ll Europa, Fotoforum, NaturFoto, Servus Magazin and many more

Our books

Das wilde Herz Europas

Knesebeck Verlag, 2021

Covering Central Europe’s wildest places
What does wilderness mean at all?
With a focus on wolf, bear, lynx

€ 42 including shipping

Europas kleine Tiger

Residenz Verlag, 2021

Most comprehensive book on European Wildcats
Tons of profound scientific research
Gripping, great read

€ 29 including shipping

Unter wilden Bären

Frederking & Thaler, 2019

Coexistance of bears and people in Central Europe
Three years in the making
Award-winning photography

€ 36 including shipping