VISUAL STORIES by Christine Sonvilla & Marc Graf

Reveil the unseen

Visual storytelling

We are Filmmakers . Photographers . Writers . Ecologists working on feature length TV documentaries, scientific shorts and photographic assignments with a focus on nature and wildlife conservation.

We believe that en emotional story can make a difference! Film and photography have been forever intertwined. Side-by-side they flow, producing art, creating stories and capturing moments in our world. Together they are what make SONVILLA-GRAF OG Productions unique. We are a modern multi-media production studio that aims at promoting our relationship with nature and wildlife.

what we do

We provide high
quality content.

From proper research to high quality output. We are fasctinated by the living world that surrounds us and have ever since felt the urge to transpond our fascination to others. To generate compelling output we are working with top-notch video and photography gear, enabling us to deliver 4K/6K/8K footage, slo-mo, aerial footage and all that fancy stuff.

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blue chip documentary

In Production 2023 – 2025

blue chip documentary

Released October 2022

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