Short documentary

Flowing – My Dream Of More Freedom

In “Flowing – My dream of more freedom” the river itself speaks to us about its dream of flowing wilder and freer again, thereby providing a home (again) to a diversity of species. Rivers have always provided fundamental and vital services for mankind and the environment.

However, dams, weirs and other obstacles disrupt the natural functioning of rivers and are detrimental to migrating fish and other river wildlife, and ultimately also to us humans.

Therefore, it is necessary to remove these barriers to return rivers to their natural, free-flowing state. Nothing lets a river ecosystem recover quicker than the removal of barriers. Let’s listen to the river’s voice and help our rivers, the arteries of our planet, to come back to full vibrating life!


WWF Austria

Christine Sonvilla


Christine Sonvilla, Marc Graf

Sonvilla-Graf OG